Liveblogging Experiment: where have all the forums gone?

This week I plan to post about my own experiences liveblogging a television show. However, I’ve realized that it’s not as easy to find a liveblogging outlet as I thought! As I plan to discuss more in-depth in next week’s post, most liveblogs feature one main blogger, with space for fan comments below. However, some liveblogs do exist that are just fan conversations, pure and simple. I decided that tonight I would liveblog America’s Next Top Model, a popular reality show I was sure would have many forums. To my surprise, when I searched I could only find liveblogs on the show’s current season from single bloggers. Fan forums on the show abound, but are mostly concerned with spoilers and predictions. I visited my go=to site, Television Without Pity, and investigted their forums. In addition to single-blogger liveblogs, they have fan forums on each episode, so I figured I was all set. When I began reading through the forum however, I saw that though some posters appeared to be liveblogging, most appeared to have watched the whole episode, and then begun commenting. Sure enough, when I checked TV Without Pity’s forum “rules,” one rule plainly stated that fans were not allowed to blog about an episode while it’s still airing. This is baffling to me, and the only explanation I can come up with is that liveblogging on TV Without Pity is reserved for its staff of bloggers only. But why would this be?

I am still hoping to find a home for my thoughts on tonight’s installment of Top Model. There are certainly outlets for liveblogging online, but many are for shows I don’t watch (Lost) or seem like close-knit communities that I may not want to penetrate on my first time out. Another favorite site of mine is, which offers live blogs often but erratically: they provide forums for some seasons and some episodes, but not all. If ANTM doesn’t work out, I may try Jezebel’s sometimes-happening Saturday Night Live liveblog, or I may just have to wait for next week’s American Idol.

More on this apparent drought of forum-style liveblogging in future posts…


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